Tracy was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Born into an artistic and musical family, her grandmother and mother encouraged her to explore many different kinds of art, crafts and music. While in school, she often won contests and awards for her art. Growing up, she wanted to work for Walt Disney and draw the backgrounds for Disney movies. She met her soul mate at an early age, married young and raised three beautiful and talented children. Life and finances did not allow her to pursue art as a career but she was always involved in some kind of artistic project. She has painted just about every kind of object from children’s faces to saw blades, ceiling tiles and furniture. She has painted murals in churches and baby nurseries all over Alabama and Georgia, and routinely exhibited at arts and craft festivals all over the south, as well as teaching canvas and craft classes to private and corporate groups.
While mostly self taught, she participates in classes and workshops whenever possible. Fascinated with the ever changing mountain scenery and colors, she and her husband recently decided to move to Blue Ridge and pursue her art full time. In addition to painting, she is the owner of a local Paint Your Own Pottery and Art Studio. Too impatient for oils, Tracy prefers to paint with acrylics and watercolor and is beginning to experiment with mixed media, textures and ceramic painting.
Tracy thinks in colors and is most satisfied when she is able to translate the picture in her head onto canvas. She is mostly drawn to mountain scenes and sweeping wide open spaces, but is willing to experiment and branch into different styles and mediums. A self proclaimed “jack of all trades and master of none”, she looks forward to the future and the evolution of her skills and style.